ROCKET Magazine is a non-profit arts publication with a lofty goal: To create visually stunning and thought provoking editorials, furthering discussions on culture and style that encompass the William and Mary campus and beyond.  ROCKET prides itself on being a free and accessible platform for students to engage in campus wide dialogue.  As a result of this, the ROCKET Magazine is partially funded by donations. Your donations would increase the production and capacity of ROCKET Magazine.

Where do your donations go?

ROCKET Magazine produces bi-annual print copies. While the Magazine remains free to all students, the creation and distribution of the print versions cost time and money. Additionally, because ROCKET is a student publication, all funding of the consumables that go into the creation of the Magazine are provided by staff. Through your support of ROCKET Magazine, the Magazine is able to produce more engaging content and fund exciting on campus events like ASTRAL.

How do I donate?

Donations to ROCKET Magazine can be made by clicking the “Support ROCKET” button at the top of the page.