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This is Amit

Amit Greenberg, an artist and creative director based out of Brooklyn, New York sits down with Copy Editor Peter Makey, discussing his work that has been featured by the likes of Colette, Hello Mr., and IKEA and the artistic process that goes into creating what he calls “Pop Surrealism.” Check out his work on Instagram […]

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Bliss Foster

ROCKET had the unique experience of working with Bliss Foster, a stylist from Richmond, Virginia, and a character all his own, for the cover of Volume VIII, Issue 2. Managing Editor Emmel El-Fiky spoke with him about his work in fashion, his perceptions on recent changes in the industry, and his plans for the future. […]

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Power and Grace

It is the new era of the Strong Black Woman, and in a world where racism, white supremacy, and fake feminism are running rampant, it is that much more important that we recognize those who are taking a stand against hate and lazy progressivism. Here, Features writer Alijah Webb speaks with senior class president Laini […]

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