Your Capsule Wardrobe Is Actually Elitist

Look, I love clothes just as much as the next person. I can’t help but succumb to the fashion industry’s relentless marketing designed to make us feel unsatisfied with what we have.  Thanks to globalization, our consumption has become increasingly frictionless. We’re buying much more than what we need, leading to barely worn clothes ending up … Read moreYour Capsule Wardrobe Is Actually Elitist

The Strange Love Affair of Gen Z and Billy Joel

There are a lot of weird niches on Tiktok. There’s witchtok, skatetok, kinktok—basically, if you can get your content past the app’s censors, you can create a niche for it. One of the newest, weirdest, least expected niches? Billy Joeltok.  What do you find on Billy Joeltok? Nothing like what you’d expect, if you, like … Read moreThe Strange Love Affair of Gen Z and Billy Joel

Unlocking the Gates to RuPaul’s Queendom

When most people hear the word drag, they picture a particular aesthetic: the glitz and glam of fish pageant drag, the performance of feminine artifice by individuals assigned male at birth. Host of the now world-famous TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race RuPaul Andre Charles is a clear example, appearing on the main stage every episode … Read moreUnlocking the Gates to RuPaul’s Queendom

Fashion Statement

Fashion statement. A timeless phrase for an outfit that tells a story. But have you ever stopped to think, what exactly is the statement? What’s the story being told? Is it worth reading? In this article, Features writer Shade Ayeni traces the history of fashion statements made by civil rights protestors from the 1960s to … Read moreFashion Statement

What on Earth are We Doing?

Looking back on the fall semester, Features writer Linda Li interviews members of the William & Mary community to hear their candid reflections on college during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Against all odds, the College managed to triumphantly conclude its controversial Fall 2020 reopening decision last month. In June, the College sent out the first of … Read moreWhat on Earth are We Doing?

Glamorized Grittiness and Trendy Trauma: The Excesses of Modern High School Movies

More and more young people nowadays struggle with their emotional and psychological health. However, it isn’t just the youth who have been slipping into states of dysphoria recently; our entertainment seems to be following the same trend. The loner outcast is the new star of the show, and portraying dissatisfaction as a shortcut to relatability … Read moreGlamorized Grittiness and Trendy Trauma: The Excesses of Modern High School Movies


ROCKET HAS LAUNCHED! Check out our newest issue! This is the culmination of brilliant minds at work. A true testament to powerful collaboration and innovation.   5 LIFE CHANGING Makeup Hacks You CAN’T MISS Is staying inside making you pale and you miss that sun-kissed freckled look? Are your lips looking dusty? Lost your lip … Read moreROCKET SPECIAL APRIL EDITION

Artist Interview: Shunkan

Hailing from Los Angeles, Shunkan is the ‘90s-influenced indie rock project of 26-year-old musician Marina Sakimoto. Sakimoto’s sophomore album, Cumberland Falls, debuted on September 13 and will be accompanied by a seven-date tour of the East Coast. The third stop, on September 27, is William & Mary’s own Meridian. In advance of the show, Features … Read moreArtist Interview: Shunkan