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As the show approaches, the building hums with nervous, excited energy. This year marked round two of Astral, the ongoing collaboration between ROCKET and Students of Hip-Hop Legacy (SoHHL), which showcases the most talented rappers and designers this region has to offer. Models take to the runway as artists perform in a space where the […]

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Bliss Foster

ROCKET had the unique experience of working with Bliss Foster, a stylist from Richmond, Virginia, and a character all his own, for the cover of Volume VIII, Issue 2. Managing Editor Emmel El-Fiky spoke with him about his work in fashion, his perceptions on recent changes in the industry, and his plans for the future. […]

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Young Fashion Influencers You Can Support that Aren’t Ian Connor

Stylist and creative director, twenty-five-year-old Ian Connor, recently broke 1 Million followers on Instagram. This milestone came just a few weeks short of the two-year anniversary of Malika Anderson’s blog post entitled, “Ian Connor is a Rapist, and I Know First Hand,.” Despite dozens of additional rape allegations, Connor’s career advances. Before boasting collaborations with some […]

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Fashion in Film, Critically-Acclaimed and Buzz Worthy

What makes an Oscar-worthy film? Many assume it’s the acting. Dramatic, tear-jerking performances indicate a likely nomination. While this factor is essential, we often forget that cinema is a form of multimodal communication. It includes dialogue, visuals, music, and action. Great film, therefore, is detail-oriented. It never neglects visual communication and world-building. Every element adds […]

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Creating Change Through Fashion

The fashion world is moving forward with its gender neutral agenda, but that doesn’t mean gender non-conforming and trans people are being celebrated. As people who don’t identify with our assigned genders, our bodies are still in danger regardless of what we see on the runway. On Wednesday January 24, 2018, I attended the Creating […]

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Oscar Wilde once famously said that “life imitates art”. We often find ourselves recreating and reimagining pieces to fit our own perspectives. From Valentino in 2006 to the more recent Jeff Koons Masters collection with Louis Vuitton, designers have always been inspired by art to not only influence but also innovate fashion. As for me, […]

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Power and Grace

It is the new era of the Strong Black Woman, and in a world where racism, white supremacy, and fake feminism are running rampant, it is that much more important that we recognize those who are taking a stand against hate and lazy progressivism. Here, Features writer Alijah Webb speaks with senior class president Laini […]

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