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Interview: Meridian Coffeehouse

Situated just outside of Colonial Williamsburg, the unassuming Meridian Coffeehouse hosts a wide range of music and art events and serves as a hotspot for DIY culture here in America’s Historic Triangle. Owned by the university and operated by students, The Meridian seeks to provide students with a space to truly be themselves. To learn […]

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Techno Future – Behind the Scenes

    Welcome to the future. The world may be ending, but at least we look good? Check out our latest behind-the-scenes footage of our latest shoot! Filmed by Andrew Uhrig Edited by Andrew Uhrig Music: Industrial Soundscapes by Phillip R. Bloomfield  

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Fall! Get it?

ROCKET’s Style Team is quite literally falling for our favorite fall trends. From belted blazer moments accented with statement prints to monochromatic affairs featuring pops of plaid, it’s fair to say we dove head first into this upcoming fall/winter season. We focused on autumnal color palettes including mustard yellow, deep hues of violet and neutral […]

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Artist Interview: Shunkan

Hailing from Los Angeles, Shunkan is the ‘90s-influenced indie rock project of 26-year-old musician Marina Sakimoto. Sakimoto’s sophomore album, Cumberland Falls, debuted on September 13 and will be accompanied by a seven-date tour of the East Coast. The third stop, on September 27, is William & Mary’s own Meridian. In advance of the show, Features […]

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The Company You Keep

Why does it suddenly feel like brands are becoming our best friends? As Features writer Nakia Stephens notes, this is exactly how they want us to feel. But if that’s the case, why shouldn’t consumers be able to ask for respect from these brands in the same way they would expect from their friends? I […]

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Astral 2019 Video

The wait is over – check out our video from the 2019 ASTRAL Fashion Show. Special thanks to our designers and musicians: Audrey Leonard, Maya Cross, Jonathans Twelve Boat, Lama Ali, Taylor Virgil, Sarah Elsadig, Boyhood Society, Yuvi, Huey Shy, Khaiba and Babysosa. Video by Andrew Uhrig with additional footage by Chai Hibbert, Kaela Sung […]

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You Are What You Eat

How Diet Prada is Changing the Face of Fashion Media The food pyramid of fashion media is getting overturned. Features writer Emily Bacal details how the new clean eating involves a hefty serving of Diet Prada’s brand of no-holds-barred criticism and in-depth analysis. It’s time to purge your pantry of problematic brands and uncritical publications. […]

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Strike A Pose

Historically, ballet has been an inaccessible art form that celebrated the slender, ethereal, Caucasian woman. However, as Features writer Joel Calfee describes, social media may be a conduit through which the field can be salvaged and, quite literally, seen in color. [Content Warning: Brief mention of body image/eating disorder] When was the last time you […]

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Adam Ward

Adam Ward is a New-York based photographer, art director, and digital marketing specialist, graduating from Emerson College in 2018 with degrees in Marketing Communications and Photography. Features writer Jack Mackey asked Ward about his creative process and how he has been able to get his work out into the industry. ROCKET: Your portfolio consists of […]

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