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Fashion Statement

Fashion statement. A timeless phrase for an outfit that tells a story. But have you ever stopped to think, what exactly is the statement? What’s the story being told? Is it worth reading? In this article, Features writer Shade Ayeni traces the history of fashion statements made by civil rights protestors from the 1960s to […]

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What on Earth are We Doing?

Looking back on the fall semester, Features writer Linda Li interviews members of the William & Mary community to hear their candid reflections on college during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Against all odds, the College managed to triumphantly conclude its controversial Fall 2020 reopening decision last month. In June, the College sent out the first of […]

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Final Girl

In the early days of the final girl, she was primarily an embodiment of pure terror. When marketing films to an overwhelmingly male audience, horror directors could never allow male protagonists who experienced such an emasculating emotion as fear.

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Coming of Age as Who we Are

Young, queer love is hard to capture on screen. Far too often, these narratives center a coming-out plotline, which favors defining identity over valuing the relationships that come to define queer coming-of-age. The problem with this kind of framing for young queer stories is that it constructs the transition into “queer adulthood” as only possible […]

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Letter from the Editor

Well, hello there.I bet you weren’t expecting to see a letter from the editor posted here, like this. But hey, we weren’t expecting to live through a global pandemic either. We’ve had a semester that has differed drastically from all that have come before, so it only felt right to distribute this semester’s issue of […]

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In this piece from ROCKET Fall/Winter ’19, Features writer Sunita Ganesh explores the built environment of William & Mary and the ways that Black history has been and continues to be erased from campus. She interviewed Dr. Jody Allen, director of The Lemon Project, and Dr. Susan Kern, Executive Director of Historic Campus, to learn […]

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ROCKET HAS LAUNCHED! Check out our newest issue! This is the culmination of brilliant minds at work. A true testament to powerful collaboration and innovation.   5 LIFE CHANGING Makeup Hacks You CAN’T MISS Is staying inside making you pale and you miss that sun-kissed freckled look? Are your lips looking dusty? Lost your lip […]

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Playlist: Going Up?

ROCKET Digital Team members Caroline Katz and Olivia Tran have carefully curated this playlist of imagined elevator music. Isn’t it too dreamy? Click here to check it out on Spotify!   Image created by Jaela Watkins Music: untitled 06 by Kendrick Lamar

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Polished Isn’t Always Perfect

Have you ever wondered how the other half lives? The polished seems to be perfect, historically associated with what is good, true, and honest. We came to an idyllic picnic of the polished and found that this idea is wrong…Check our latest behind the scenes video and see what we found!

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