Sweet Light, Dreamy Night

Ever thought about using brake lights in a parking lot to stage your mini-photoshoots? It’s a fun time if you can get it right. There’s something spooky about being cast in light in the middle of the night. The focus of light on your body with the world around glazed in darkness makes something of […]

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As the show approaches, the building hums with nervous, excited energy. This year marked round two of Astral, the ongoing collaboration between ROCKET and Students of Hip-Hop Legacy (SoHHL), which showcases the most talented rappers and designers this region has to offer. Models take to the runway as artists perform in a space where the […]

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Creating Change Through Fashion

The fashion world is moving forward with its gender neutral agenda, but that doesn’t mean gender non-conforming and trans people are being celebrated. As people who don’t identify with our assigned genders, our bodies are still in danger regardless of what we see on the runway. On Wednesday January 24, 2018, I attended the Creating […]

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