Q&A with Lucie Zhang

Managing Editor Emmel El-Fiky spoke recently with Lucie Zhang, Senior Manager of Social Media at Vogue, about what it’s like working in the world of fashion publications, how one’s personal background might play a part in one’s career, and some pertinent advice for those looking to make their way into the fashion industry in whatever […]

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Bliss Foster

ROCKET had the unique experience of working with Bliss Foster, a stylist from Richmond, Virginia, and a character all his own, for the cover of Volume VIII, Issue 2. Managing Editor Emmel El-Fiky spoke with him about his work in fashion, his perceptions on recent changes in the industry, and his plans for the future. […]

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The Charter: Reconstructed

William and Mary’s Charter was written in 1693. The College’s history and traditions are encapsulated in its 323-year-old quill calligraphy text. Beautiful, historic, foundational – we were inspired by The Charter’s prose and timeless nature. One way that any document lives is through continued interpretation. Reading, rereading, celebrating its words, or, in our case, reconstructing and reorganizing its […]

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