Walking the Walk: Body Diversity on Recent Runways

The Ready-To-Wear iteration of New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2019 brought with it much of what we’d expect from the fashion world — glitz and glam and a few copycats on traditionally thin, angular models. What stood out in the sea of sameness? Body diversity on the Christian Siriano and Chromat runways. Features writer Emily […]

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Art, Culture, Fashion

Follow the Yellow Brick Road into Iulia Filipovscaia’s Land of Oz

  Iulia Filipovscaia embodies the diversely talented, hyphen-studded ideal trending in today’s creative industry. The designer-artist-actress-model-curator infuses her work with her ethos, specifically through her artisan fashion label, Lana Siberie, which combines environmental consciousness with conceptual fashion design. All Lana Siberie clothing is made of sustainably sourced, vintage, handmade, organic material. The form of the […]

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Blazing On

We all need a dose of fantasy in our lives, particularly as the once-compelling cacophony of world events falls dully on disillusioned ears. Your newsfeed blurs into a grey sludge, and all you can think about is something else, something different, new, to take your mind off of the scariness of reality. The desire to […]

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