Before ASTRAL, our campus had never seen a collaborative and creative event like it. We wanted to create a tangible representation of the creative community at William & Mary; ASTRAL serves to highlight the intersection of fashion and hip-hop on the William & Mary campus. Collaborating with SoHHL, The Students of Hip-Hop Legacy, ASTRAL is more than a generic and formal “fashion show” – it is a colorful illustration of fashion and music as a means of artistic expression.

video by andrew uhrig with additional footage by Chai Hibbert, Kaela Sung and Iris Wu


The third year of ASTRAL took things up a notch, embracing the wonderful and the weird. Featured designers came from a variety of backgrounds, from Richmond’s own TWELVE to the worldwide collective Boyhood Society. Performances from Huey Shy, Babysosa, Khaiba, Yuvi, and DJ Eze electrified the runway. The show began with a collection by FIT student Audrey Leonard, who showed knitwear inspired by Cy Twombly, several dazzling sets of activewear, and a scorpion-adorned jacket made of melted organza and paired with lingerie. Next up were three students from VCU, Taylor Virgil, Lama Ali, and Sarah Elsadig, whose styles ranged from elegant evening gowns to embroidered polo shirts. TWELVE, formerly Jonathan’s Twelve Boat, returned to the ASTRAL runway after success in 2018 with an eclectic collection of menswear that used graphic text and a photo of serial killer Aileen Wuornos as recurring motifs. Maya Cross followed TWELVE, with pieces drawn from her Luxe Nomad collection. Boyhood Society closed the night with their unapologetically deviant style and social justice mission. The event was ASTRAL and ROCKET at their best, encouraging creativity and diversity in all forms of fashion.

video by Jay Warrior and andrew uhrig


We curated our second show in an attempt to top our first, showcasing student designs and musicians from both Richmond and our own campus. The show featured performances by Pres., Og Kee$h, Balcony Boise, and Yuvi. We featured designers Nikky Price, Jonathans Twelve Boat, VICTIM15 and Open Forum. Price, a William & Mary student, presented a collection of intriguing outfits that combined compelling colors and textures she made while studying in Paris. Jonathans Twelve Boat presented a deconstructed utilitarian collection, employing a monochromatic theme throughout his looks. VICTIM15 showcased elevated streetwear, playing with shape and texture. Open Forum produced an eclectic array of innovative styles pushing the boundaries of what forms are “supposed” to look like.

video by Mikan Media


Our premier fashion show featured performances from SoHHL members Julian Scoffield, Preston Neukirch, Emmanuel Chiappini, and Richmond-based Isaiah Jeremiah. Securing stylings from independent designers in the DC/Richmond area, our inaugural event showcased pieces from Solace, Insert Name, FFNR, and Lama Ali. Solace, founded in Richmond, presented a lifestyle/skate collection from designers Matthew Gayot and Patrick Bender. Insert Name, designed by Alex Tucker, featured pieces that “make people double take”. Maryland native Domo Ray brought unique pieces to represent his label, FFNR. Our closing designer, VCU student Lama Ali, drew inspiration for her collection for Missy Elliot and Aaliyah.

filmed by Mikan Media, edited by andrew uhrig