Campus Style Spotlight: Katie

Written by Sasha Sklar

On that chilly, gloomy Friday, Katie told me with a smile how a high school classmate of hers had said she dressed like a writer in New York. With her love for floral layers and thick soled shoes, our quiet Williamsburg streets certainly start to hint at the glowing skyscrapers and paved miles, the chilly air no threat to her brightness. 

But as far as her ambitions may soar, those close to her heart won’t get forgotten. Clothes passed down from her mom and grandma warm her like an enveloping hug, those special items bringing joy into her everyday life – threads intertwining women across generations. Her mother, a pre-school art teacher, awoke in Katie a youthful creativity that feeds into her fashion sense, something that acts as a form of self-expression in lieu of other creative endeavors. 

And I can certainly say, her fun retro outfits have always made me smile.

Interview of Features Co-editor Katie Taguchi

Photos by Ethan Qin

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