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Sylvia Shea – 2021

How did you achieve this look? 

I don’t typically wear eyeshadow, so I wanted to do a more dramatic look to accentuate my eyes while still looking subdued. I prefer to keep my skin pretty natural, so I spot-concealed my blemishes and used a bronzy blush to liven up my cheeks. For my eyes, I used a warm brown eyeshadow to darken up my crease, then a sparkly khaki green liquid eyeshadow blended along my lashline (this is a great technique for an effortless smokey eye). Then, I used a brown liquid eyeliner to elongate my eyes. I brought my wings out (following my lower lashline) instead of up toward the tail of my eyebrow – this way, the wing gives me that sultry almond-shaped eye. Finally, I used a neutral pink lip crayon and topped it with a clear gloss. 

What’s your go-to beauty look?

My priorities for everyday makeup are brows, skin, and lips. I always conceal my blemishes with the Benefit Boing Cakeless Concealer, then follow up with a Glossier Cloud Paint blush in Storm for a rosy tint on my cheekbones. For brows, I use Elf Instant Lift Brow pencil to define a shape then Glossier Boy Brow gel to fluff them up. Then I use some mascara and plump up my lips with the Glossier Lip Gloss in red for shine and a subtle tint. And ALWAYS use SPF!

What got you into makeup?

It all began when I discovered my mom’s lipstick drawer when I was about five. I slapped some on and felt like a queen. Nothing has changed.

What’s your favorite little-known makeup hack?

If you don’t have brow gel, put some hairspray or hair gel on a spoolie and brush it through your brows. 

To prevent wasting too many Q-tips for correcting winged liner/ lipstick/ eyeshadow, remove the top layer of cotton and use your fingers to pinch and twist it back into a pointy shape.

What’s your holy grail product?

My favorite product is definitely the Glossier Lip Gloss in red. I love the sheer tint and how it makes my lips look glassy and smooth. Even if I have no other makeup on, lip color can really liven my face up.

What was your favorite ROCKET shoot?

The “Morning After” shoot from the FW19 issue was my favorite. I worked on that shoot and our mission was to go as crazy as possible with the makeup and hair. Everyone was coughing up glitter, but it was so much fun and definitely worth it. 

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