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Meg Cuca – 2020

How did you achieve this look?

I wanted a singular aspect to be very bold and noticeable, so I focused on the eyes. I used a small brush to apply Fenty lip paint in shade Stunna to echo the form of my eyelids. I used the Stila liquid eyeliner pen in black to create a black wing inside the red wing. I used Nars Natural Radiant foundation in the shade Mont Blanc and Nars bronzer in the shade Casino to contour. I highlighted my cheekbones, bow of my lip, and nose with SunBeam liquid highlighter. I set it all with a lancome-compressed powder. Finally, I used a subtle, more mauve shade of blush to keep the focus on the eyes. 

What’s your go-to beauty look?

I like to imagine that my everyday look is just lit to the heavens. I am a highlighter fool. I usually start with a liquid foundation, then highlight with one shade lighter under my eyes, on my chin and between/ slightly above my eyebrows. Then I apply contour under my cheek bones, framing my forehead, and sides of my nose. I set all that with powder of course. Then, I’ll dab liquid highlight over the areas where the lighter shade was applied earlier, and I’ll do a subtle powder blush and layer more powder highlight on top. Highlighters on highlighters. Am I an actual light source at this point? You decide. 

What got you into makeup?

I had somewhat of a weird and sad introduction to makeup. In fifth grade, my aunt brought me to the Clinique counter to have the makeup artist give me a full makeover. While this  initially seemed fun, it felt like she wanted me to use a lot of makeup because I was the ugliest in the family. Whether or not that was true, we will never know. Nevertheless I became skilled at makeup as a result. Today, I do my makeup not to be the “prettiest,”  but because I enjoy the practice, routine, and expression involved in doing my own makeup. 

What’s your favorite little-known makeup hack?

You don’t always have to use products in the way that they are marketed! Don’t let The Man tell you how to use your makeup. For a really bright and wet-looking eyelid, use a lipstick or a gloss! If you use a small brush, you can paint in designs or thick liners with lip products that are really unique and fresh. Conversely, you can use eyeshadows to add depth to your lip color or even your blush! The sky really is the limit.  Put that blush where you want to put blush. The revolution has begun. 

What’s your holy grail product?

If Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer ever goes out of stock, they WILL be hearing from me and my lawyers. I always have at least two tubes on stock. It has amazing coverage and stays super long. Whatever problem you’re having, it can be covered by this product. Breaking out? Tarte concealer. Need a variety of shades for liquid contouring? Tarte concealer. Failing basic math? Tarte concealer (probably). 

What was your favorite rocket shoot?

“Dirty Laundry!” SS18 edition! Lighting is everything.

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