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Kaela Sung – 2021

 How did you achieve this look?

In addition to my first love – candy, this glossy Valentine’s look was also inspired by Danessa Myricks, one of my favorite makeup artists. She’s a master manipulator of light– her glossy and dewy looks are to die for. To emulate the editorial look, I used soap to feather out my brows. Red and blue shadows create dimension on the lids, especially when slathered in gloss. Gloss is hot. Heart-shaped glitter sprinkled in the gloss mimics rose petals. We love flowers. And the red lip is obligatory.

What’s your go-to beauty look?

Every few months I switch up my routine. For years, winged liner was my uniform, and I definitely went through the Instagram brows phase. Now, I’m really into minimalism. For my 5 minute “no makeup-makeup” look, first brighten the face with a little concealer in the center of the face. A dusting of blush on the lids, chin, forehead and cheeks will give you a healthy glow. Apply a natural highlighter wherever your face naturally reflects light– especially on the inner corners of the eyes and above the brow bone. A few swipes of brow gel, liquid lipstick, and mascara will tie everything together. I know it sounds like a lot, but the key is a light touch and plenty of blending. And never forget setting spray! 

What got you into makeup?

When I was nine, I tried to leave the house with blue highlighter– like the actual marker–on my eyelids. I told my mom I was coloring and I slipped. For years, I used makeup every day to cover “imperfections.” In college, I started experimenting with colors. It was a creative outlet, but also a mask. Now, I love using makeup, but it is not to cover, rather to accentuate natural beauty, especially on other people. To me, makeup is artistic therapy. 

What’s your favorite little-known makeup hack?

If you are caked to the gods and you need to touch up for some reason, always drench your face setting spray first. Applying a cream or liquid on top of a powder is a recipe for cake. Hydrating sprays essentially de-powder your face, making it tacky again. Mac Prep & Prime Fix + and Il Makiage Hydrating Spray are my all-time favorite re-hydrating sprays for makeup emergencies. 

What’s your holy grail product?

Il Makiage Infinity Matte Lip Cream is hands down the best liquid lipstick I’ve ever tried. I wear it every day! I never used to wear liquid lipstick, but while working as a makeup artist at Il Makiage, I got to try out all the shades. Melody, Royal, Soul, and Snob are my all time favorites. 

What was your favorite ROCKET shoot?

“Badlands,” F/W17. Firstly, the collages are dope. Secondly, it’s me! Thirdly, it was my first interaction with ROCKET and we’ve been together ever since!

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