Do You Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve?

Fashion can shape the world. But there are details within the bigger picture – it is how we choose to follow its inner working decisions, even the tricky ones. Trends are as fleeting as the seasons they come along with. Whatever you believe in, take a second to think about what an article of clothing and its brand represents – its production, its history, its message, its story.

Almost a month has passed since Nike’s ad sparked conversation, heated debates, and left some with tattered socks. It all started when the sportswear mogul featured Colin Kaepernick, the first NFL player to kneel during the national anthem. This move was a bold one – as bold as its renown “Just Do It” slogan. Following suit, social media exploded with swoosh advocates as well as a sea of furious opponents. Aggravated consumers were quick to grab scissors and cut out the swooshes while dousing their Nikes with gasoline to set on fire. Despite the short tempered backlashes, Nike still stands behind its decision, without regrets. Forgetting the politics, we can appreciate Nike’s message. It is one that promotes growth, perseverance, positivity against all odds. And that, is exactly what everyone needs to hear more often.

“Don’t feel like you have to be anybody, to be somebody.”
“Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.”
“Don’t ask if your dreams are crazy, ask if they are crazy enough.”

Written by Julia Sung

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