Sign of the Times

Just stop your crying, your Rocket-approved 2018 horoscope is here. See what you might have in store this year, with some classic outfit inspiration for good measure.


your feet are on the ground and your eyes are focused on exactly what is in front of you. grasping for straws, grasping for air, you just want people to realize your potential. struggling to fulfill your self-assigned goals. let it go, aries. don’t let your ambitions control you.

>   Negative aspects: competitive + easily stressed

>   Aesthetic: a finished rubix cube that you don’t allow anyone to touch or look at or breathe near


your bare foot touches the linoleum floor, you feel the cold, hard ground under your feet. desperately wishing you were outside, out in the world. you want to feel the cool earth beneath your feet… too bad ringworm exists and its winter. stop waiting for a specific time. the time spent waiting for something is time that should be spent doing.


>   Negative aspects: grouchy + lazy

>   Aesthetic: being in a new city, planning to explore, falling asleep instead


a misunderstood dream. interpretations far beyond the reality. you just want people to understand. yearning deeply for those around you to realize that you are in fact not a two headed snake. you are a multifaceted kaleidoscopic vision, but maybe also kinda a bitch?


>   Negative aspects: unpredictable + untrustworthy

>   Aesthetic: an unexpectedly cohesive spotify playlist on shuffle


smothered by your own feelings, intensely experiencing everything. you just need to take a moment, breathe, and realize everything isn’t that deep. the cool thing about situations is that they are finite. you don’t have to look toward anyone else to validate your feelings, you got it.

>   Negative aspects: indecisive + troublesome

>   Aesthetic: trying to take an instagram boomerang of some waves


how does it feel to be enveloped in warmth, kissed by the sun? you tend to run toward what you want with cautious optimism, but you run so fast that no one would dare think that you’re worried about tripping and falling. it is okay to feel insecure, embrace your doubts. you don’t have to be “on” all the time, it isn’t really all about you.


>   Negative aspects: self-absorbed + impulsive

>   Aesthetic: standing outside of threes in a fur coat while smoking a cigarette


intricate patterns and beautifully detailed designs call your name. you sweat the small stuff, and that’s okay. it’s all in the details for you, virgo. caring is not a bad thing, but it is also important to remind yourself that sometimes you just need to sit down, chill out, and stay in your lane. you don’t always need to take charge and take control.


>   Negative aspects: unsociable + boastful

>   Aesthetic: black and white grid with geometric shapes on top


libra, you’re the sign that is most likely to be caught dancing richmond road at 3am, all empty and dreamlike. you feel like the entire world is yours… or is it? your indecision is charming but you also need to pull it together a little bit. don’t worry, it’ll all come together in the end probably?


>   Negative aspects: indecisive + unmotivated

>   Aesthetic: wawa water after a long night


you’re at a small party, intimately gathered with a group of people, you’re thriving. one of the things that excites you the most is getting to know other people, learning about the most intricate parts of their personalities. remember to share yourself too, you have a world of wonder inside of you…plus you don’t want people to think you’re mysterious (in a creepy way).

>   Negative aspects: Paranoid + Obsessive

>   Aesthetic: pouring airplane bottles of smirnoff into your morning coffee, just to spice things up


sagittarius is synonymous with aggressive, which does not necessarily have to be a bad thing. you are driven and passionate but you stress yourself out so much. the phrase, “you are your own worst enemy” is incredibly true with you. give yourself some credit for everything you do, don’t be so hard on yourself. it isn’t good for you, we’re all worried about you sweetie.

>   Negative aspects: cold + unempathetic

>   Aesthetic: jumping on a trampoline without a net



your boundless enthusiasm for life and the incredible passion for things you care about makes you so desirable to be around but at the same time it is really easy for people to misunderstand your passion as being annoying, people sometimes put you in a box of being aggressive or pushy. take a moment to reflect, isn’t it kinda lowkey true?


>   Negative aspects: stubborn + antisocial

>   Aesthetic: riding your bike around town to a really really good playlist


you pride yourself on eccentric, you’re friendly and a people person. you’re pretty relaxed and easy going. at the same time you have to ask yourself “is it real?” or are you just fabricating a personality based on what everyone tells you is the correct way to exist. you’re cool, you know you’re cool… but don’t get smothered by your own sense of self.

>   Negative aspects: cold + aloof

>   Aesthetic: mixing patterns around people who don’t understand fashion



you spend so much of your time daydreaming, fantasizing about places and people and the future. you are so delicate, so fragile, so easily distraught, even though you don’t want people to think of you that way. well, tough luck, you’re the baby of the signs. we all know that you’re emotional as fuck, do you need a tissue?


>   Negative aspects: impulsive + emotional

>   Aesthetic: jumping into a swimming pool fully clothed


Written by Alijah Webb

Photography by Sydney McCourt

Styled and Modeled by Anna Kashmanian


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