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An inside look at ROCKET’s 70s’ shoot…

As the ROCKET staff prepared its second shoot for its Fall/Winter 2017 issue, the team stepped back in time by adopting the look of the seventies, but with a modern flair. On set, tables overflowed with earth tones, sharp patterns, and flashy accessories. It was an assemblage of clothing from one of the most distinctive and divisive fashion eras of our nation’s history, and the ROCKET staff fully embraced those iconic styles.

While dedicating a shoot to the seventies may seem irrelevant, this was not simply an attempt at dress-up. Rather, many styles from the time period that have made a resurgence in the past couple of years are more ubiquitous now than ever. High-waisted pants, jewel tones, and midi cuts feel omnipresent at this point. Iterations of the platform shoe dominated New York Fashion Week, while Balenciaga even premiered platform Crocs at Paris Fashion Week.

But while high-fashion designers may be embracing these vintage aesthetics, the same influences are apparent at the grassroots level as well. All of the models arrived that day already embodying their own personal take on the mood of the decade. Kersey Neal, one of the models for our shoot, arrived wearing a pair of flared burgundy pants emblazoned with brilliant sunflowers that wouldn’t have looked out of place nearly 4 decades ago. When asked what her favorite article of clothing was, Neal stated that those pants competed with an off-the-shoulder bardot blouse she got from Barcelona, “that looks [like a literal] poppy flower.” Meanwhile, when model Leah Zweig was asked if her style reflected the seventies, she said that it did, but that she was also heavily influenced by the eighties, “because I wear a lot of my mom’s old clothes.” Zweig also emphasized her effort to support sustainable fashion through thrift shopping, another trend causing a rise in the vintage appeal in contemporary clothing.

“Styles from the seventies have made a return in fashion as of late because they are expressive, adventurous, and continue to push boundaries.”

As the outfits were prepared for the shoot, the looks were exaggerated to render the time period while still appearing current. The neckerchief worn by Neal and the scarf worn by model Thomas Birchall would both compliment any present look well. The jacket Zweig wore felt up-to-date, due to the fact that toxic green made a resurgence this fall. Styles from the seventies have made a return in fashion as of late because they are expressive, adventurous, and continue to push boundaries. More often than not, they were considered outrageous, but also often liberating. By realizing the fashion of the seventies and how it plays a more active role in modern style than we originally thought, ROCKET found a medium to grapple with this contentious time we find ourselves in, and embrace the ever-growing need to maintain freedom in fashion.

Joel Calfee

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