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It’s no secret that the arts at William and Mary are underappreciated and underrepresented. They often get shuffled to the side and pegged as frivolous amid the praise and importance bestowed upon what are considered more practical courses of study. Since its creation in 2011, ROCKET has served as a vestige for the creatives on the William and Mary campus, providing us with a medium for unhindered collaboration to create our biyearly publication. Historically, ROCKET has been for the enjoyment of its staff members and a small community of in-the-know friends. But, over the past year ROCKET has changed immensely. We have accomplished a lot— a complete layout redesign, an aesthetic overhaul, and the launch of our annual fashion show ASTRAL in collaboration with the Students of Hip-Hop Legacy, just to start. Throughout the year, the goal of ROCKET also shifted, and we began to bridge the gap between fashion and the political. As the students of William and Mary are affected daily by racism, sexism, homophobia, and white supremacy it became imperative for ROCKET to lend our voice in the fight against the chauvinists of our community.

This year ROCKET remains a fashion, art, and photography publication, but as we touched on in our last two issues, fashion and politics are deeply intertwined. You cannot have one without considering the effect of the other. With the relaunch of our website, we are ushering in a new direction for ROCKET Magazine, one that caters to the creative needs of William and Mary as well as presenting a platform for the issues that are so often overlooked. Our continuous aim is to remain cognizant of the privilege afforded to us as a liberal publication, and to use that privilege to keep fashion, the arts, and social problems at the forefront of the collective consciousness, for the better.


Isabella Arias
Editor In Chief

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