Gestural Drawings


“These are all rough gestural drawings of figures done through my art class here at W&M. We drew for hours but had only seconds for each sketch of the figure’s form, and eventually every pose morphed into one another after the layers of sketches. As these progress they get more abstract and confused, speaking to my own feelings during midterms when these were drawn. However, the beauty in this assignment was that it didn’t matter how these were pieced together. They were done without thought of a general composition or structural plan. There is a therapeutic aspect to not constructing the bones, the foundation of a piece, and just going into it blind. It is very freeing, an important quality to find in an activity or commitment on campus. Take time to enjoy the simplicity of muddled confusion to find harmony and eventually peace, if you so happen to find a minute to do so.”  -Julia Bullard.

By Julia Bullard

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