The Crocs Comeback

An article on Man Repeller by Haley Nahman currently sweeping the internet asks, “What if Crocs Were the New White Sneaker?” and since its publishing, people are genuinely wondering if they’ll have to give in and wear Crocs to be considered fashion-forward.

On September 19,  during New York Fashion Week, Christopher Kane debuted his spring 2017 line and you’ll never guess what the models were wearing as footwear. Heels or wedges? Nope. Flats? Of course not. Bare feet? You wish. Instead, Kane decided to go for a unique statement piece that we’ve all seen before: Crocs. What is it about this shoe that has everyone so obsessed?

Crocs are by no means a new trend in the fashion world, either. I have been working in a shoe store in my hometown of Danville, Virginia for a little more than two years now, and Crocs have always been a fan favorite among customers. Even before I could work, I remember all of my friends in middle school had different colored Crocs, with disgustingly cute charms to match. I begged my mom for a pair and fortunately, she was ahead of the curve and wouldn’t buy them.

Perhaps the people behind the marketing and advertising for Crocs are the ones to blame for their still being a present-day force on the market. Terence Reilly, who has been the Chief Marketing Officer/Senior Vice President since September of 2015, has put this plague upon us, right?

The answer to that question is a hard no from me. We asked for this. As consumers, as thinkers, as cogs in the system that aid in keeping the fashion industry afloat, we did this to ourselves. Something about this shoe continues to call to us.

The Crocs Classic, the most popular version of the shoe, has “ventilation ports” which allow for  “breathability and help water and debris drain away,” according to the Crocs website. The shoe is also relatively lightweight and is characterized by the website as being “roomy”. This is particularly exciting for all my peeps out there with a wider foot, meaning Crocs are more likely to fit than all of their other infant-sized shoes found on the market today.

It doesn’t hurt that the Crocs Classics retail for only $34.99 for adults, either. Christopher Kane knew what he was doing when he put these bad boys on his models, for sure. Despite it all,  I remain unconvinced. I, personally, find Crocs to be hideous for the most part,  although with enough coaxing, I could see the appeal. Maybe. Eventually. But hopefully not.

Written by Nakia Stephens, Photography by Sydney McCourt

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