Come One Artist, Come All Artists


Gone are the days where art is confined to galleries, museums, and private collections, hidden behind lock and key for art history majors and highfalutin dealers to dissect and collect. Modern artists are breaking free of the mold –  leaving behind the limitations of frames to use organic, uninhibited, communal spaces as their canvas. 

Across the world we are seeing a shift towards public art because of access and exposure – it is free, open to everyone, and experiential in a way that galleries are hard-pressed to recreate. It’s available at all times, in all types of lighting, at all angles, unavoidable and inescapable. Pieces demand attention by requiring those who wouldn’t typically interact with art to react to creativity simply because it intercepts their day-to-day life. The root of it all? Public art hopes to stimulate our imagination and help us find the little artist within all of us. 

ROCKET was inspired by these funky interactive pieces scattered across the globe.

1. The Hedgehog

Iza Rutkowska and the Forms and Shapes Foundation have planted a giant puzzle-like plush animal in the Polish city of Wroclaw.

Check out more of her work here:

2. Typographic Installations

Graffiti artist Trevor Wheatley uses natural media such as ice and sticks to construct one-liners in pristine areas.

More of his work at:

3. Cake Piping Street Art

Canadian street artist Shelley Miller creates public murals using cake decorating piping bags. 

More of her work at:

Written by Anna Weidman

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