The Charter: Reconstructed

William and Mary’s Charter was written in 1693. The College’s history and traditions are encapsulated in its 323-year-old quill calligraphy text. Beautiful, historic, foundational – we were inspired by The Charter’s prose and timeless nature.

One way that any document lives is through continued interpretation. Reading, rereading, celebrating its words, or, in our case, reconstructing and reorganizing its words themselves. That’s exactly what our features team did – wrote from and in honor of The Charter by creating poetry out of only the words written in the official document. Another reminder that something radically different can be produced from the materials.

a love poem by Amirio Freeman

we had certain knowledge that

(by the grace of god)

our well-beloved foundation would last




& bounteous

far after the fall of kingdoms

the erection of countries

the death of our heirs


like the motion of a river


after seven years

a hundred lies

& the resignation of faith

our certain knowledge diminished

Untitled by Emmel El-Fiky

To all youth,

To whom good manners

May be maintained –

[Don’t let] such fame

Establish propagated faith!

Such a liberal place,

Should sciences be promoted.

A special philosophy –

Undoubted deprivation of a liberal manner,

Is for the power to take

The major part of trust

And spiritual lands.

Enjoy this trust!

Receive defraying inheritances,

And nominate to power with our


Substitute others into

His or their places.

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