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ROCKET is more than its print pages. We’ve believed this for a while, but we never did anything about it – until now. ROCKET was founded to be a creative outlet on campus. As we’ve grown, we’ve evolved, and digital is our next step. Welcome to the website, presenting new content every week. We’ll consistently be sharing more fashion, art and photography throughout the semester.

Instead of only showing you what ROCKET is up to, we’ll be posting content that is relevant to you. We’re reimagining what it means to make inventive, experimental media across all creative fields. By going digital we’ll be able to use sound, video and images in ways we simply can’t in print. And while we hope our site will act as a hub of fashion, art and photography on William & Mary’s campus, we’re making a point to talk about the world beyond as well.

With more minds and manpower behind the scenes than ever before, we have more ideas, more capabilities, and more passions. Since digital gives us more room to create and share, we’ll debut new voices, spark new conversations, and continue to push the boundaries of what ROCKET Magazine can do. Explore, read, engage, and always feel free to contact us to let us know how we’re doing.



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