White Space


Over and over again we’ve asked our readers to create personal interpretations out of our issues. 
So we’re turning the tables – asking our staff to create their own story from a shared, identical image. 
Each member of ROCKET was handed the same white square with the same off-kilter black line.
With only three minutes to doodle, each person drew their interpretation onto their 3 by 3 square.

We did this to show how collaboration and bringing together a variety of perspectives can make something so simple into something so rich.

These doodled on squares can be seen as a metaphor for our website. Consider our digital platform to be our shared empty square with its own off-kilter black line.  We want you to help us fill this white space, to direct, to co-create, to tell us what you want to read, to hear, to watch.

 So before we fill in any more squares, comment below what you’d want to see from ROCKET or, even better, what you’d like to contribute!

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