Masculinity in Motion


Inspired by autumn, the art treatments below juxtapose stability with energy and movement. The deep colors are drawn from the season itself, while the effects evoke fallen leaves. Though fallen leaves are grounded, they are not stationary. They are blown by the wind, jumped into, raked – constantly generating energy. We chose to use angular yet organic shapes to create movement across the images and clean lines to symbolize strength. In the contrast between stability and energy, we found our interpretation of young masculinity. The mediums used in these art treatments are newspaper, marbled paper, acrylic paint, and thread. Through the parallel presence of opposing forces—the pieces’ stable yet energetic feel, the models’ sporty yet classic attire, and the use of mixed media art—we convey our vision of young masculinity through autumn’s lens.  


Created by Lillian Zhao, Vail Prior & Rebecca Munns


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