What is rocket?

Rocket is a premier student-ran fashion magazine based at the College of William and Mary. We provide an outlet for students to convey their visionary prospects. This can be seen in our thought-provoking themes alongside our creative ventures of photography, digital, art, and feature pieces.

Glorious Gables

Written by Caroline Leibowitz  Art by Sophie Cassidy  Coming from the United States, I have to admit going to a school that looks like a castle for a month was pretty damn cool. Last summer I was fortunate enough to get to study abroad at Christ’s College, which is a part of the greater Cambridge... View Article ...

Campus Style Spotlight: Rhea

With cookies on the table and an oat milk latte by her side, Rhea sat studying in Swemromas on a gray Friday afternoon. An air of lightness surrounded her very seat. A white blouse matched her white canvas sneakers. Overtop were light denim overalls resembling Donna from Mamma Mia – a comparison Rhea welcomed with... View Article ...

Dressing Don’t Worry Darling

The young adults of 2022 are constantly streaming media. Tik Toks, Instagram posts, Snapchat stories, tweets on their twitter feed, all reducing their attention spans to a few seconds. Concentration has grown sparse. Multitasking has become common. How often do we feel as if we don’t have enough time to sit and relax to watch... View Article ...

Campus Style Spotlight: Katie

Written by Sasha Sklar On that chilly, gloomy Friday, Katie told me with a smile how a high school classmate of hers had said she dressed like a writer in New York. With her love for floral layers and thick soled shoes, our quiet Williamsburg streets certainly start to hint at the glowing skyscrapers and... View Article ...

Campus Style Spotlight: Zarielle

Zarielle She wore a shamrock green sweatshirt and flowery, lime pants. Adorned with silver and gold, her emerald ensemble shined against the dreary autumn day. She works and studies and organizes and creates and is never afraid to take a risk. Mixing the old and the new, mixing textures and styles, searching through the thrift... View Article ...

 Let Me Look

Have you ever felt intimidated by the polished floors and heavy canvases surrounding a palette of monochromatic museum-goers? Wanted to put pencil to page but felt frozen? Features editor, Sasha Sklar, responds to “The Art of Looking” by art critic Lance Esplund, calling into question the strict initiations and kooky teachings of art. ...

Ask The Stars: Week 1

SUBJ: WHAT’S UP TUE, AUG 10, 1:39 PM Dear Stars,  Last November, I broke up with my girlfriend of two and a half years after she demanded that I allow her to welcome an additional partner into our relationship. Though I had expressed some openness to the idea of an open relationship in the past,... View Article ...

Your Capsule Wardrobe Is Actually Elitist

Look, I love clothes just as much as the next person. I can’t help but succumb to the fashion industry’s relentless marketing designed to make us feel unsatisfied with what we have.  Thanks to globalization, our consumption has become increasingly frictionless. We’re buying much more than what we need, leading to barely worn clothes ending up... View Article ...

Shop Black Owned Businesses

These looks feature some of Beauty Team’s favorite products from @fentybeauty and @juviasplace. Thank you to Jasmine and Ruth for sharing some of their thoughts and experiences with the beauty industry as black women. ...

f/w 2022 edition

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f/w 2022

It is now time for the Fall/Winter 2022 edition, be on the lookout as we enter into our latest theme: The Rocket Renaissance.



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