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Shop Black Owned Businesses
These looks feature some of Beauty Team’s favorite products from @fentybeauty and @juviasplace. Thank you to Jasmine and Ruth for sharing some of their thoughts and experiences with the beauty industry as black women.
The Strange Love Affair of Gen Z and Billy Joel
There are a lot of weird niches on Tiktok. There’s witchtok, skatetok, kinktok—basically, if you can get your content past the app’s censors, you can create a niche for it. One of the newest, weirdest, least expected niches? Billy Joeltok.  What do you find on Billy Joeltok? Nothing like what you’d expect, if you, like […]
Unlocking the Gates to RuPaul’s Queendom
When most people hear the word drag, they picture a particular aesthetic: the glitz and glam of fish pageant drag, the performance of feminine artifice by individuals assigned male at birth. Host of the now world-famous TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race RuPaul Andre Charles is a clear example, appearing on the main stage every episode […]

stack awards 2019

ROCKET is proud to announce our recent inclusion on the shortlist for the 2019 Stack Awards for Student Publication of the Year. This international competition commemorates independent magazines from all across the globe, covering a wide breadth of subjects and mediums, both professional and amateur. This recognition has marked our publication as on par with the likes of student magazines such as Brasilia, out of Berlin, Crumble, out of Edinburgh, and FM/AM, out of New York, as well as professional magazines such as Beauty PapersAnxy, and Eye on Design. ROCKET is purely a manifestation of our dedication to the ever-growing creative venture that is producing a print publication, so to be acknowledged alongside such remarkable titles such as these is both an honor and a major feat. With this humbling accomplishment, we strive to continue pushing the boundaries of fashion, art and photography, as well as challenging the social and political issues at William & Mary and beyond.