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Adam Ward

Adam Ward is a New-York based photographer, art director, and digital marketing specialist, graduating from Emerson College in 2018 with degrees in Marketing Communications and Photography. Features writer Jack Mackey asked Ward about his creative process and how he has been able to get his work out into the industry. ROCKET: Your portfolio consists of […]

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What we think we know about dressing like a sex worker is all wrong. Features writer Alijah Webb delves into why we think certain aesthetic elements evoke this image of a sex worker, and why those narratives need to be challenged.  Latex, leather, harnesses, and fishnets all evoke an image of the sex worker, at […]

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Reporting from the most explosive creative event on campus, Features writer Hannah Lowe describes the excitement and anticipation surrounding ROCKET Magazine and Students of Hip-Hop Legacy’s 3rd annual ASTRAL Fashion Show. With more designers, more musicians, more models, and more hype than ever before, ASTRAL more than lived up to its growing reputation. It’s hard […]

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Hope Sews

In an interview with Managing Editor Emmel El-Fiky, CEO and head designer of the fashion brand Hope Sews, Maya Mutalik, discusses the story of how the business came to be, with an emphasis on her Ghanaian team who help make Hope Sews as special as it is. Even if she has lofty goals, it’s difficult […]

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Eliot Dudik

Sitting down with notable photographer and William & Mary art professor Eliot Dudik, Features writer Alicia Deveraux discovers just what it is that sets Dudik apart from the rest. Several projects capturing the American landscape in all its guts and glory, collaborations with large companies like Kodak, and most importantly, the impact he has on […]

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Walking the Walk: Body Diversity on Recent Runways

The Ready-To-Wear iteration of New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2019 brought with it much of what we’d expect from the fashion world — glitz and glam and a few copycats on traditionally thin, angular models. What stood out in the sea of sameness? Body diversity on the Christian Siriano and Chromat runways. Features writer Emily […]

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Now in Technicolor

Most of us don’t think of romantic comedies as serious cinema — but should we? Features writer Alicia Devereaux suggests there is more to these “guilty pleasures” than meets the eye, thanks to a new wave of diverse romcoms that could change the genre — or cinema overall — for good. It goes by many names: romcom, romedy, chick […]

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Fed Up

Re-Learning Body Positivity with Ellen Penn Berry Content warning: article discusses body image and mentions eating disorders. Features writer Hannah Lowe spoke with ROCKET alum Ellen Penn Berry for the piece FED UP in the Fall/Winter 2018 issue. Here is the full interview. The Internet is a difficult place to be, if body positivity is […]

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