Fashion Show

ASTRAL serves to highlight the intersection of fashion and hip-hop on the William & Mary campus. Collaborating with SoHHL, The Students of Hip-Hop Legacy, ASTRAL is more than a generic and formal “fashion show” – it is a colorful illustration of fashion and music as a means of artistic expression. ASTRAL featured performances from SoHHL members Julian Scoffield, Preston Neukirch, Emmanuel Chiappini, and Richmond-based Isaiah Jeremiah.

Securing stylings from independent designers in the DC/Richmond area, our inaugural event showcased pieces from Solace, Insert Name, FFNR, and Lama Ali. Solace, founded in Richmond, presented a lifestyle/skate collection from designers Matthew Gayot and Patrick Bender. Insert Name, designed by Alex Tucker, featured pieces that “make people double take”. Maryland native Domo Ray brought unique pieces to represent his label, FFNR. Our closing designer, VCU student Lama Ali, drew inspiration for her collection for Missy Elliot and Aaliyah.