Kendrick Lamar’s set at the 2018 Grammy Awards this past January began with an American flag projected over a dark stage. Gradually, as the beginning of “XXX” from his 2017 album Damn played, rows of ski-masked and camouflage-clad dancers marched in place, to the beat, and made an opening for their prophet to announce his […]

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road into Iulia Filipovscaia’s Land of Oz

  Iulia Filipovscaia embodies the diversely talented, hyphen-studded ideal trending in today’s creative industry. The designer-artist-actress-model-curator infuses her work with her ethos, specifically through her artisan fashion label, Lana Siberie, which combines environmental consciousness with conceptual fashion design. All Lana Siberie clothing is made of sustainably sourced, vintage, handmade, organic material. The form of the […]

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