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As the show approaches, the building hums with nervous, excited energy. This year marked round two of Astral, the ongoing collaboration between ROCKET and Students of Hip-Hop Legacy (SoHHL), which showcases the most talented rappers and designers this region has to offer. Models take to the runway as artists perform in a space where the […]

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Bliss Foster

ROCKET had the unique experience of working with Bliss Foster, a stylist from Richmond, Virginia, and a character all his own, for the cover of Volume VIII, Issue 2. Managing Editor Emmel El-Fiky spoke with him about his work in fashion, his perceptions on recent changes in the industry, and his plans for the future. […]

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Young Fashion Influencers You Can Support that Aren’t Ian Connor

Stylist and creative director, twenty-five-year-old Ian Connor, recently broke 1 Million followers on Instagram. This milestone came just a few weeks short of the two-year anniversary of Malika Anderson’s blog post entitled, “Ian Connor is a Rapist, and I Know First Hand,.” Despite dozens of additional rape allegations, Connor’s career advances. Before boasting collaborations with some […]

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